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The future of Folkestone is not just an abstract concept: it’s the bricks and mortar, the lives of ordinary people, residents and visitors and businesses. In other words, our environment and our community over the next 3, 5, 30 years.

The Place Plan is a key plank of strategic policy: building on a long history of consultations, discussions and earlier briefs, the latest contribution to this has come through the work of We Made That.
Appointed as the consultants for a refresh of discussion on the various elements which go into the mix of Folkestone Future, the WMT team have come up with a series of information presentations and concept outlines. These have been endorsed by the District Council Cabinet and WMT have recently been commissioned for further consultation work.
The summary presentation of the first stage is available on the FHDC website: click here to view…
AFRA provided a detailed analysis and response, which can be read or downloaded here.

AFRA’s members have taken part in almost every stage of the consultation, in workshops, discussions and submissions.
We will be continuing to monitor events and developments going forward – to call the District Council and their consultants to account in the public interest as and when necessary.

Planning Matters – to all of us

AFRA members are activists in representing their local residents and – in so doing – it is often the case that we point out issues at the planning stage of major developments in our town, along with many others.

Too often, these legitimate concerns or suggestions have been disregarded and this is becoming a concern in its own right. As has been pointed out many times recently – regardless of political affiliation – we need to know that our elected representatives and local officers are doing the best they can for our community.

The current membership of the Planning Committee at Folkestone and Hythe District Council can be found by using the link here…

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