About AFRA

For local democracy to flourish,
there needs to be the active and informed engagement of every citizen.
Discussions on local issues need to be both vigorous and vibrant.
It’s not just what the politicians do, its also what the citizens do.

AFRA is committed to making constructive contributions to help improve the experience of living and working in Folkestone and Hythe.
We are not aligned with any political party or grouping and our focus is entirely to do with positive community action.

In other words we may sometimes be seen as taking what could be be described as “political” action in order to address issues for our community
– that’s where we challenge or advise on policies and developments. However, we will do so, without fear or favour for any political party.
Our members actually cover a wide political spectrum in terms of individual allegiance: but together we have one thing in common – our community.

All the information here is a “work in progress” which was agreed as the right approach for AFRA, as at June 2020 and reviewed in June 2021.
Over time, we expect that further discussion and debate could very possibly lead to adjustments to the wording of our Mission Statement, set out below.
This is a natural and welcome process, which is part and parcel of development for any consultative and collaborative community group.

Mission statement and working principles

  • AFRA provides a collective voice for resident and community associations in Folkestone.
    We care deeply about good governance of our town and community cohesion, prosperity and jobs, especially for younger people. 
  • We campaign on a range of issues in order to enhance the quality of life and the environment in our town. 
    We aim to preserve and enhance Folkestone’s architecture and urban environment, its green spaces, and to combat litter, graffiti and night-time disturbance.
  • We believe in people power, because people power matters and it works.  
    We believe in civic responsibility taking precedence over the expectation that someone else will take actions needed to improve the environment of OUR town. 

AFRA Membership and composition

AFRA is very simply a shared platform for representatives of Folkestone Residents’ and Community Associations
We also welcome links with community organisations and groups.
We hold informal meetings – ‘conversations’ – usually on the second Friday of each month: get in touch if you would like to join us!
We will seek to become a diverse yet representative group of local people with a shared sense of civic pride and community spirit.

Working remit

  1. To provide an online forum and a focus for those who love Folkestone
  2. To help to give people a voice on issues which matter. 
  3. To take issues of concern to both the Council and the local business community, whose decisions have a major impact on life in our town. 
  4. To call for public meetings and lobby key decision-makers on major issues affecting Folkestone. 
  5. To maintain a good working relationship with the local press
  6. To work with local amenity groups, shops and traders, the police and national organizations like Civic Voice and English Heritage
  7. To jointly review planning applications and help formulate responses to consultations on the future of or for Folkestone.
  8. To encourage and sometimes to organise community action and hands-on activities like litter picks, graffiti cleaning 

Last reviewed: November 2022

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