Leas Pavilion development: not a good start.

Residents living close to the Leas Pavilion have been in touch – putting it mildly.

Many are seething at broken promises about good communication and in particular forewarning of the start of works.
Clear assurances were given at a meeting on 25th June 2021 – a year ago. This was attended by local resident association representatives and no less than three local Councillors: Cllr Danny Brook; Cllr Dylan Jeffries and Cllr Ann Berry.
Categoric assurances were given:

  1. To arrange for FHDC to provide information on the development for local residents (as per 2015 Council commitment to consultation)
  2. To provide key points of contact for any concerns for residents going forward – which would logically include:
    • Ward Councillors
    • Council officers responsible for planning issues
    • KCC Highways point of contact for road and pedestrian management issues
    • Constructor or site manager
  3. To arrange for discussion and a joint or coordinated approach involving all local Ward Councillors and appropriate Council officers.

Last week, site workforce personnel arrived unannounced to undertake preliminary works. Digging machinery and other equipment was put on site and within hours, water appeared to be escaping down the roadway from a leak. Residents asked why not notification had been given as required – and the first telephone complainant found a letter stuffed hastily through their letterbox (but not others in the same block) a few hours later.
Others have referred to their concerns around well-being – with disabled residents being particularly badly affected – and the sheer lack of consideration shown by Council officers and Councillors.

Simply not good enough.

2 thoughts on “Leas Pavilion development: not a good start.

  • July 12, 2022 at 2:08 pm

    One of our members has received this message from the Developers, which we would like to share: it provides clarity and a commitment to communication.

    “With regards to notifications, our obligation is to notify FHDC planning and CIL departments of the commencement – which we did on 15th June 2022. From the date of notification we are allowed to undertake enabling works, surveys, and demolition works only for the first 14 days which in our case is until 01 July 2022. Whilst it is not a legal obligation we also asked our contractor to issue a newsletter to the neighbouring buildings informing them of the start of the works and providing them with contact information. This letter was distributed on 23rd June. On site so far there are only some survey works and dismantling of the canopy, numbering of terracotta etc happening within the permitted scope of works. I can further confirm we are following what we are obliged to do, and will continue to do so.”

    The letter can be found under the “news” section of their website, https://leas-pavilion.co.uk – which will be regularly updated with progress, if people would like to check this.

  • June 28, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    I don’t generally object to new developments automatically, but this lack of consultation is clearly an inexcusable oversight. My main concern with the project itself is the need for housing appropriate for those who really need it though I agree that access issues are always a challenge both on top of and below the Leas.


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