Nobody will have failed to notice that a number of major developments are underway in the District. Some argue that this shows progress and investment, which is crucial to regeneration of our town – but at what hidden cost?
Local residents living near the historic Leas Pavilion, which was a beautiful heritage venue supported by many outstanding performers, have become increasingly frustrated by poor communication over legitimate concerns relating to the planning, public safety and construction management aspects of this project.
We’ve invited them to contribute to a ‘Diary’ of events and progress with this significant building site. Watch this space.


  • March 7, 2022 at 9:31 am

    There is to be a meeting on Wednesday 9th March between our KCC Councillor and the Leas Pavilion Residents Liaison Group to discuss the situation facing residents and the wider population during the next few years. Reading the above solution to the traffic and safety concerns that have been raised from the beginning of this application there are still concerns regarding its viability. The health impact on local residents will also be discussed . We will report back in due course.

  • February 13, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    And here’s the plan for site traffic….

    “Vehicle routing within traffic management section Large articulated vehicles for deliveries will be limited where possible via discussion with the supplier. In the event that this is required, (and where larger vehicles are unable to arrive via Sandgate Road and turn right into Cheriton Place then straight on into the road closure compound or left to Gate 2 on Longford Terrace, additionally with the height restriction along Longford Way), vehicles would look to access Sandgate Road, West Terrace and taking a wide line on the roundabout into The Leas (with caution needed due to the War Memorial on the Roundabout). We note that there is a dog-leg in the carriageway on The Leas a short distance from the roundabout which may require additional temporary suspension of parking for oversized loads – This is to be agreed with Folkestone and Hythe District Council Parking Manager. Where the Leas is subject to a width restriction, this would allow access for larger vehicles for deliveries within the restricted area. The highway approaches to this site will require early discussion between the contractor and delivery companies regarding their needs and size of vehicles for routing. The contractors will ensure good co-ordination of large loads and timing of these deliveries. We propose the use of the STOP24 lorry park at Junction 11 on the M20 as a holding area for large loads until the site has confirmed as ready to receive them. This is to ensure that large loads can wait once they have left the M20 that will not cause an obstruction or hazard on the local road network.“

  • February 13, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    21/2191/FH/CON and parent application 20/0579/FH

    Local residents have not opposed this development without giving a great deal of thought to the problems involved. Mainly safety of pedestrians, traffic flow. parking, accidents, many near misses and the knock on effect to the surrounding area. Having made known their concerns on the Planning Portal, below is what has finally been decided will facilitate all deliveries to the construction site. Anyone wishing to look further at how this scheme was arrived at can access them at the above reference on the Planning Portal.

    PC – local resident


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